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Jellyfish Art (also known as jellies and sea jellies) are boneless animals that float freely through the world's oceans.

In beeld: de mooiste onderwaterfoto's van 2014 - Planet Earth, Ecologie - Knack.be

The winning photographs from this year’s British Society of Underwater Photographers

boudhabar: “ Spotted eagle ray, Aetobatus narinari ”

One of the largest eagle rays, it sometimes exceeds 10 feet metres) in width, and can weigh 400 to 500 lbs to 227 kg). Found in the tropical zones of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans

Phyllodesmium poindimiei - Nudibranch Indian Ocean

I need a bathing suit in this color! Beautiful, almost translucent, Coral colored Sea (Species: Phyllodesmium poindimiei) Slug

PrintCollection - Blue Gill Sun Fish

Blue Gill Sun Fish

This chromolithograph of a Blue Gill Sun Fish (Lepomis Pallidus) was created byåÊartist S. Denton (Sherman Foote) born in 1856 and died in 1937 Well known for his exquisite drawings of fish, birds,