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Saitama & Genos

Anime, One Punch Man, Saitama, Genos>> the're not gay the're just falling in a

Genos, flowers, bouquet, blushing, cute, comic; One Punch Man

Cute Genos Fleet:are those for saitama Genos:N-no L-leave me alone you D-don't know A-anything Saitama:Oh Genos you look so cute flustered

One Punch Man (kiana I'm simply pinning this because of how you related it to us and Johnny :p)

One Punch Man Genos and Saitama Credits to the artist -That makes more sense, but I admire Saitama too!

This makes me really happy

Get ready to get knocked out with feels thanks to this fan comic. One Punch Man may not be sad but that doesn't stop the community from making it so bitter<<<Awww the feels

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Saitama & Genos's Morning Routine ~ One Punch Man x'D

😂😂I love the way Genos's expression never changes😂is he learning that from Saitama?

One Punch Man - Genos, Saitama and chibi Genos

One Punch Man - Genos, Saitama and chibi Genos

Damn sakura, Im suprised Sasuke isnt like at loss of blood and that Naruto aint getting the shit beat out of him for looking