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"Sun and Wave" by SHODA, Koho (1870-1946), ca 1920-30

"Sun and Wave" by SHODA, Koho ca - Japanese art, I so totally love the landscapes! Waves are my favourite theme!

Japanese crane fabric

Japanese textile design: Two cranes and a wave. Crane with Moon/ Wave Panel Japanese Crane fabric with orange moon on indigo background with metallic gold outlines-Japanese fabric panel-sides are raw edges

Sun and Waves. Japanese Hanging Scroll painting.

Japanese Fine Art Sun and Waves Hanging Scroll painting – 130633

the japanese and the wave Love this art!

Unlike the other tattoo designs, the wave tattoo has a very calming atmosphere even with the strong waves protruding out.

indigo panel of japanese fabric featuring cranes, sun and waves from www.gloriousfabrics.com

indigo panel of Chinede fabric featuring cranes, sun and waves.these images represent ranking of government officials during Qing dynasty.

Sunset Cranes & Tree - Noren Panel - Indigo/Gold.

Sunset Cranes & Tree - Noren Panel - Indigo/Gold Like the use of dark color and cranes - maybe use crow instead

Godzilla makes waves in this beautiful recreation of a Japanese classic

阿波 鳴門の風波

歌川広重 六十余州名所図会 阿波 鳴門の風波 Can't read the Japanese characters but this lovely Japanese painting captures the beauty of Mt Fuji and the ocean's might power.

Katsushika Hokusai's "The Great Wave"

Katsushika Hokusai's 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa' gracefully distills the power of the ocean into a two-dimensional image that's as deceptively simple as it is mesmerizing.