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de Fast-food(e)


Lucas Bernardini

Sometimes they took his shackles off. Sometimes they pulled the shutters open. Sometimes they allowed him a day off from the experimenting. Sometimes the color returned to his skin, and his eyes stopped looking so distant. I walk into the room. He had been my best friend since kindergarten but I doubt he remembered.

Boy, guy, cara, garoto, ideias, inspiração ~~rosto

He never spoke in class, too fearful of the eyes, prompting condemning voices, that followed him after.


Luminous of Shadows

Roderich …

Josiah DOES have powers! Two at least. His habit of writing on himself is one; anything written on him he can do. Write 'heal' his wound heals. But write 'remember' nothing happened. His second power seems to be absorbing energy from other people's powers...including fire, light, my stars...Which we found out during a light show. It doesn't hurt him, it just gets pulled into his skin...we don't know where it goes.

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