Captivating color in this photo of a diamond eyed frog.

European tree frog on a berry

Frog: "I thought I'd sit here and reflect awhile." Have you found your hoppy place?


Frogs and toads are my favorite animals. This is a Peacock tree frog. I love the tree frogs song.

STILL HERE... And laughing at YOU! Zippity do-da...

Pictures of the day: 7 May 2014

magicalnaturetour: Kermit the frog shoots a wide beamed grin as its bulbous bloodshot eyes stare into the camera in West Sussex.

IMG 5104

Jember, Java, Indonesia (Monica Anantyowati, The positions in which frogs get photographed are just hilarious


~Red-Eyed Tree Frog, Mother and Babies ~ 4 baby tree frogs sit on their mother's head~~Brings back memories of the "critters" Jack had as a teenager!

Crysta, If this is real that is cool. I love you. Love, mommie

Crysta, If this is real that is cool. I love you. Love, mommie

Tree Frog And Chalkhill Blue Butterfly | Cutest Paw

“ Tree frog and chalk hill blue butterfly, photo Wil Mijer ” -Frog: Ohhh! You are a beautiful.

D'awww, frog family.

John Clare Seguir La Palma Glass Frog (Hyalinobatrachium valerioi) Female, Male, and Eggs.

Glasbild, Home affaire, »Schönebilder«, 30/30 cm im Universal Online Shop

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