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Hitchcock (2012)

Hitchcock starring Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock, one of the greatest suspense film director of all time. Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel, Helen Mirren and Toni Colette.

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An entry from 2nd Ave & Seneca St.

woody allen design with glasses and orange overlay

Hyde Park on Hudson (2013)

Hyde Park on the Hudson. The story of the love affair between FDR and his distant cousin Margaret "Daisy" Suckley, centered around the weekend in 1939 when the King and Queen of the United Kingdom visited upstate New York.

The Breakfast Club This.

Second favorite movie of all time! The Breakfast Club by Jordan A delicatelyderanged’s and anonymous’ request

Haven't seen either movie, but the posters by Grzegorz Domaradzki are beautiful!

Vector Movie Posters by Grzegorz Domaradzki Graphic design visual Graphic Composition Mixer Poster Awesome Art Director Art

25 powerful typographic movie posters photo

25 powerful typographic movie posters

Zero Dark Thirty Jessica Chastain, Joel Edgerton, Chris Pratt A chronicle of the decade-long hunt for al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden after the September 2001 attacks, and his death at the hands of the Navy S. Team 6 in May

low cognitive effort, an advertisement for A Christmas Story

A christmas story.one of my top 3 favorite Christmas movies! 'You'll shoot your eye out kid!

Minimal Movie Posters (127 hours)

Inception by Ibraheem Youssef Movie poster The Dark Knight Risky Business 11 x 17 Minimalist Movie Poster .


Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman in the Shawshank Redemption.would you add this to your outgoing mail?tim robbins said with a shit eating grin on his face in shawshank redemption.

The Fighter (German) 27x40 Movie Poster (2010)

The Fighter (German) 27x40 Movie Poster (2010)


where all they do is smoke, drink, have sex and cheat oh and lie, but its still so good to watch. God I love Mad Men