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A Escola do MST, o acordo bolivariano e o treinamento dos sem-terra.

Rather than reflecting a movement in decline, the Nice attack may be best understood as a recalibration of long-endorsed tactics in the service of an overriding strategy of world revolution. Even if ISIS loses all of its territory in Syria and Iraq, the global jihadi archipelago could continue to expand if the social and political conditions that have led to its emergence continue to persist.

HELLBLOG: Novos ministros da DiLLmão!!! Novo ministério é um...

April 29, 1985: Prince Charles and Princess Diana with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican in Rome.

Bruno Braga: Bolsonaro, Ustra: o "torturador" e a mitologia com...

Bruno Braga: Obama vem para salvar Castro.

Chilcot Report: The mind-boggling incompetence of Bush, Blair and Howard laid bare The three buccaneers took leave of their senses in invading Iraq – George W. Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard.

Bruno Braga: "Dando cobertura" aos "companheiros".

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‘Brought more weapons.' Last texts of Bastille Day killer

Accomplices: Details of text messages Bouhlel sent from the phone found in the bullet-riddled cab emerged after seven people were arrested in connection with the attack....NICE< FRANCE