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Photo & Co - Jill Greenberg - Monkey

~~Golden monkey by floridapfe~~

Golden monkeys (indigenous to Central Africa: Uganda, Rwanda, Congo), Everland zoo in Seoul, South Korea

Black Howler Monkey,   I have often heard these in restaurants....

Wildlife of South America Photo Gallery

Black Howler Monkey-What cho lookin' at?

monkey portrait - jill greenberg (15)

20 Magnifiques Portraits de singes par le photographer Jill Greenberg

Photo & Co - Jill Greenberg - Monkey

Gibbon - Monkey portraits by Jill Greenberg

Stunning shots of Monkeys/Apes

3 by Carles  Just on 500px

Photo © Carles Just


Portraits of monkeys and apes by one of my favorite photographers Jill Greenberg

Chimpanzee.  Just watched Project Nim. There is no such thing as a happy cautionary tale but this one was particularly heartbreaking. Let's leave these beautiful creatures in the wild where they belong

This chimp has such a beautiful smile :)

Walli the White-Cheeked Gibbon, 5 months old, Schwerin Zoo (photo:Life On White) via zooborns

Our Favorite Parachute-Pants-Wearing Gibbon Revisited

Big eyed monkey, Cute Animals by Delia

Venezuelan Red Howler Monkey (Alouatta seniculus).   ["thumbvenezualan-red-howler-monke1570_226.jpg (200×200)."]  Google search:  "The Venezuelan Red Howler Monkey (Scientific name: Alouatta seniculus) is a South American species of Howler monkey, a type of New World monkey, found in the western Amazon Basin in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, & Brazil. Wikipedia."

A mantled howler monkey perches on a tree limb in Africa.

Monkey at the San Diego Zoo

Monkey at the San Diego Zoo

Stunning Portraits of Exotic Animals by Photographer Brad Wilson

A chimpanzee poses for its close-up as part of photographer Brad's stunnng collection (Brad Wilson/Doinel Gallery)


I could stare at you staring at me forever. The Beginning by Philipp Birmes ☆

Gelada 2 (e.m.crawford)

l-eth-e: Gelada 2 [e.

My grandma What sharp teeth u have.

The Manipulator - Jill Greenberg: LA - My Modern Metropolis

Blue Monkey (Cercopithecus mitis) | by writhedhornbill

Blue Monkey (Cercopithecus mitis) photographed by Writhedhornbill at Central Park Zoo, USA on September 2014