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Undertale - Pesquisa Google

UNDERTALE-The Game images Frisk wallpaper and background photos .

Vocaloid- Len x Rin (Twincest); I Ship This Type Of Twincest Pairing. Cute!

Len x Rin (Vocaloid) SOOO CUTE! Even though I originally thought they were siblings if they r not siblings soooooo cute

De sólo ver la imagen se me sube la azucar

PWN'd -how she actually took out the first guy >_> Admit it, it totally coulda happened as such.

Feel like falling in love

Feel like falling in love

Steven universe on omega-flowey..

The true ending (and opening) by watermelonium Source: frisk vs omega flowey - oh my gosh! frisk and steven universe XD I should have done when I fought against it

Stop experimenting on your son!!!!

For some reason, I imagine young toriel to sound like Mabel from Gravity Falls.

What if Mettaton showed up with his camera crew just like OHH YES WHAT HAVE WE HERE SOME MISTLEOE MISCHEIF OHOHOH

Just to clarify, I don't ship Sans and Frisk! I just thought this was a cute comic.

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I read this a million times and I swear my friend made this just for me to see it. She knows I hate puns <<<< You hate puns? Back to comic.if they meet, Chara may be a good person, I think.

Frisk and Sans - MobsterUT AU - comic

Frisk and Sans - MobsterUT AU - comic <<< Not a fan of MobsterUT, but this is just to adorable not to pin. The face expressions were enough to pin on it's own!

The eight humans by AdorningMoon on DeviantArt

U can see how they r there the 7 souls ( 6 Without Frisk XD u could probably find dat out without my help XD )

429f0083f6f5df3d32eed33642e220f47cb2d1b1a90fc57bd68cd38b810e7a88_1.jpg (800×2752) Hot leg

Leg so hot you fry and egg, Mettaton Grillby and Sans