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Lightning  The path lightning takes is formed step by step as it moves towards the ground, turning air into plasma.

Earth’s Most Stunning Natural Fractal Patterns

In this 30 second long exposure photograph by José Eugenio Gómez Rodríguez, we see multiple lightning strikes just outside the city limits of Hermosillo, located in the northwestern state of Sonora, Mexico.

L'été revient, et avec lui la tendance à un temps chaud et lourd. Celui où l'on voit se former dans le ciel de gros nuages dénommés cumulonimbus, synonymes de l'imminence de l'orage.Quand l'orage éclate, mieux vaut être à l'abri, car ce phénomène, même s'il est généralement de courte durée, survient avec son lot d'averses, de grêle, de vents violents, mais aussi et surtout d'impressionnantes décharges électriques accompagnées d'éclairs.Le mieux encore e...

GRAND ECRAN. Orages, éclairs : 18 photos foudroyantes

Rainbow meets Tornado...if this is not photo-shopped then it is God amazing.  If it is photo-shopped then it is still beautiful

"I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth." Genesis in the wake of destruction, God is still there! Tornado sucks up rainbow

Purple lightning

Special post of Rage Of Lightning Wallpapers for your desktops and laptops. All the glory of this natural phenomenon is sharing as beautiful and stunning wallpapers.

Divine Show 3 by Anton Jankovoy

Landscape Photography by Anton Jankovoy

> I wouldn't think this is real; but still... Wow!

You almost can see a man like figure walking in this lightning strike! I see a horse. I see the horse DSC Amazing~! I too see the horse couldn't see the man (Pat O).

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storms ~ smell the newness ~ you know will pass ~ still to keep the underneath ~ hope, it's OK~it will be OK *(=. Roots are deep the rose grows strong. Beautiful, you and new roses are beautiful!

Lightening Swirl, London, UK

10 Attractive Shots from where must be visited

Spectacular cloud swirl and lightning bolt in London. Photo by Chris Rathore.