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Finally - Happy Father's Day to all you single moms who have unconditionally and lovingly played both roles for your children! Thank you for that FABULOUS reminder today Lessons Learned In Life

Yüzlere Sürülen Avuç İçlerine Gizlenmiş Dualarda Bir İsim Olabilmektir Sevgi Sevginin Adı "DUA"dır  Cuma Akşamının Yüzü Suyu Hürmetine Açılmasını Dilediğiniz Tüm Kapıların Açılması Duâ`sı ile; Cuma akşamınız mübarek olsun ❤️❤️

i don't know how you do it but you are the most momentous thing i've ever and will ever be blessed with, my love

Sweetest smelling purple rose

Treloar Roses have been supplying quality bare root rose bushes / plants Australia-Wide for more than 50 years. Our rose nursery has the largest range of hot house/cut-flower and garden rose bushes , growing over 500 varieties in many styles.



Pink rose

Pink rose

I have a lavender rose bush like this. Just can't remember it's name.

So I put this purple rose because purple roses are my favorite flower because they symbolize strength, I hope to get a purple rose tattoo one day. Purple is the color for my disability, and Rose is something with my grandma meaning beauty and strength.


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black matte with lavender designs nail art so pretty you need to try this one since of my learning disabilities I don't have a steady enough force to make any of these designs but this is sure one of the most beautiful posted by lotionsource

Metallic or holographic purple over matte black nail polish. Love the colors just maybe not a rose