The ancient Celts believed Halloween was a night where the living encountered the dead as ghosts, demons, and fairies traveling into the otherworld. Today, Halloween is more about tricks and treats than spiritual rite. Keep the chilling tradition alive, and channel some of the eve's creepier creatures with our 13 scary Halloween makeup ideas.

13 Scary Halloween Makeup Looks That Give Us Nightmares

Keep the chilling tradition alive, and channel some of the eve's creepier creatures with our 13 scary Halloween makeup ideas.

Halloween Makeup and Face Painting Ideas

Great collection of most creative Halloween makeup ideas and face painting inspirations. These would be great for Derby🍒

My son and I love Coraline! Cool idea for a costume ~ Blue

Ses compétences en maquillage sont aussi fascinantes qu'effrayant ! La 26 fait carrément flipper !

When it comes to Halloween, there are two types of people: those who plan out their costume weeks in advance and those who prefer to wait until the last minute. Either way, exploring the world of makeup transformations can serve as inspiration. As you begin to plan for this Halloween, you should take a moment to discover the men and women who've foregone costumes and, instead, taken the time to hone their skills in the illusive art of makeup application. These creatives use their face as a…

31 Thrilling Transformations Realized with the Power of Makeup

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Les étonnants maquillages de Saida Mickeviciute  2Tout2Rien

Les étonnants maquillages de Saida Mickeviciute

Lithuanian-born Saida Mickeviciute is only 19 years old, but she's already an incredible makeup artist. Good luck finding her, though, because she's just too good at transforming her entire appearance.

Linki Lutz Makeup | via Facebook | We Heart It

Beneath the Flesh Doll Face Scarecrow Special Effects Makeup Black Eyes Gory Doll Scary Old Woman Mermaid Special Effects Makeup Back from the Dead

Wie gruselig! #halloween #makeup #inspiration

Get Ready For Your Jaw to Drop When You See These Comic Book Makeovers

These jaw-dropping comic-book makeup looks are perfect for Halloween! So glad I got to have him as my teacher super talented

Halloween makeup - omfg I would punch this kid in the face!!!!

50 Pretty And Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas For kids. Makeup Ideas for Kids. 50 Inspiration Halloween Makeup Ideas For kids ranging from cute to scary to funny to flirty.

Maquillage d'Halloween : le visage galaxie

45 maquillages d'Halloween qui feront de vous la reine de la soirée

titanium-titties: “ Space freckles and galaxies and shit. Totally feeling myself today. Btw this makeup is based off the work of qinniart ”