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sea by Pawel Kuczynski.

✟♥ ✞ ♥✟ ah, getting lost in a ocean of books to have a escape from my problems Or travel to places where I haven't ever been . ♥✞♥ "Ocean," by Polish illustrator Pawel Kuczynski.

Výsledek obrázku pro drawing art tumblr

Výsledek obrázku pro drawing art tumblr

Rain on Grays Harbor   Encaustic on Deep Cradled Birch board  10 x 22 x 1.625  2013.  I have the original work :)

✿ ❤ Rain on Grays Harbor Encaustic on Deep Cradled Birch board 10 x 22 x I have the original work :)


I don't know whose this is, but its an awesome work of art. If anyone recognizes the artist and the source (web address) that should be attached to this image, please let me know!

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Altered Books Sculpture/Installation: by Susanna Hesselberg, Sculpture by the Sea, "When My Father Died It Was Like a Whole Library Had Burned Down"

history lsd

"Cory Godbey is an illustrator and animator based in Greenville, South Carolina whose work utilizes elegant lines, stylized drawing and deep, carefully limited color palettes to achieve wonderful effe (Top Design Drawing)

SkylineArtEditions.com - E for Elephant, $25.00 (http://www.skylinearteditions.com/e-for-elephant/)

E for Elephant

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jimmy lawlor 3

Jimmy Lawlor – Artiste peintre : Juste Superbe !

At some point, one asks, "Toward what end is my life lived?" A great freedom comes from being able to answer that question. A sleeper can be decoyed out of bed by the sheer beauty of dawn on the open seas. Part of my job, as I see it, is to allow that to happen. Sleepers like me need at some point to rise and take their turn on morning watch for the sake of the planet, but also for their own sake, for the enrichment of their lives. ~ Diane Ackerman

what if Thalia starts sleepwalking? Right to the edge of a cliff.<< pfft i love the way you that.

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:: Sweet Illustrated Storytime :: Illustration by Tashika Yui :: Nostalgie Like the snow

Illustrations by Svabhu Kohli Celebrate the Splendor of the Natural World

India-based illustrator Svabhu Kohli celebrates the splendor of the natural world with her intricately crafted works of art. The colorful, multi-layered images depict the oceans and cosmos, specifical