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Herrerasaurus attempting to escape from a Saurosuchus in late triassic Argentina

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Ancient fossils reveal how the mollusc got its teeth

The radula sounds like something from a horror movie -- a conveyor belt lined with hundreds of rows of interlocking teeth. In fact, radulas are found in the mouths of most molluscs, from the giant squid to the garden snail. Now, a "prototype" radula found in 500-million-year-old fossils studied by University of Toronto graduate student Martin Smith, shows that the earliest radula was not a flesh-rasping terror, but a tool for humbly scooping food from the muddy sea floor.

@TetZoo The ancient gekko Yantarogekko balticus, c 54 million years old, preserved in Baltic amber.

Quetzalcoatlus relative size compared to man and giraffe

Small marine reptile Nothosaurus

FOSSIL SOFT-SHELL TURTLE Trionyx sp. Eocene, Green River Formation Kemmerer, Wyoming, USA In this case, the top shell - known as the carapace - has been fossilized, along with a complete set of impressive ribs that seem to come right out of the shell