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Mochica | Trumpet | So. America, Peru

Mochica | Trumpet | So. America, Peru

Caral. Templo del Anfiteatro Sec. L

Located in the Supe Valley in Peru, Caral is one of the most ancient lost cities of the Americas. It was inhabited between roughly 2600 BC and 2000 BC. Accommodating more than inhabitants, it is one of the largest cities of the Norte Chico civilization

Textiles from Andean South America at the British Museum. The collections have been re-housed in drawer units and reorganised so they are stored in chronological order. A current project to make storage mounts for each piece will further improve the storage, making study and handling easier. I think this is the project our student Nicole Rhodes was working on?

Border from an embroidered mantle, 200 BC – AD Paracas incas south america

Vaso de Paracas ca. 200 BC-AD 1  Región de Ica, Perú  Arcilla, pintura  Llama la atención ese aura alrededor de la cabeza,las cruces,las manos donde vemos tres dedos y  ese simbolo con bartulos que muchas culturas de diferentes lugares representaron ya sean con bastones o animales.Tambien esas dos cabezas bajo sus brazos como simbolos de sacrificio ante estos dioses. Actualmente se encuentra en El Museo Nacional del Indio Americano | Centro George Gustav Heye | Nueva York,

paracas vessel ca 200 bc ad 1 ica region peru clay paint 37 x 30 cm .

Los Pinchudos, Peru - there are an elaborate Chachapoya tomb complex, perched into a high rock cleft in one of Peru's northern Andean cloud forests. Los Pinchudos is located in Río Abiseo National Park, a natural and cultural World Heritage Site, guarded and closed to all except scientific missions. Anthropomorphic carvings featuring large phalluses are responsible for giving the site its name.

The Cloud People, Los Pinchudos, Perú - the figures' gazes are fixed where the first rays of the rising sun will appear over the vast Utcubamba Valley. Known as the Warriors of the Clouds, the Chachapoyas (a name given to them by the Inca who conquered th