"Hrímgunnr Kolfrost" by Claire Hummel

Hrimgunnr Kolfrost, of the North Ridge Kolfrosts by shoomlah on deviantART (Claire Hummel)

Mary blokes

Mary blokes

Een vrouw met een grote jurk aan, wat word gebruikt als water waar de boten op varen

No human government throughout history has been able to bring peace, security or unity world wide or even locally. Will our world: Stay the same, get worse OR get better? The answer to this question, plus more, inside.

Image from https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/b4/6c/af/b46caf9aa24cfd77b632e1a25cbfab71.jpg.

Champion Archer of England: A black and white illustration of a female archer from an 1865 copy of Arthur's magazine in the collector's personal collection.

Monument_Valley 치열하고 전략적인 퍼즐 플레이를 환상적이고 아름답게 시각화한 부분이 인상 깊음.  또한 억지 스토리텔링이 아닌 20줄도 안 되는 이야기가 매회 한 줄 두 줄 소개되는데, 그 이야기 속에 푹 빠지게 만드는 기술이 일품.

Candy-coloured axonometrics revel in the aesthetic pleasure of the parallel projection