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Hermione and Ron. Very cute.  I love it that he's massaging her feet. So caring. :)

Harry Potter - Sidekicks {Ron ღ Hermione}: Because deep down Rupert is like us. Making Ron/Hermione dolls kiss FTW. - Page 9

Harry, Ron and Hermione. I love them. Happy Birthday Hermione Granger! (19th september)

HD Wallpaper and background photos of HarryHermione for fans of Harry and Hermione images.

Viria Ron, Harry and Hermione

hmm,did I like.drew the golden trio? haha,don't know,felt SO MUCH to draw them hope you'll like I must say I am in love with Ron here. EDIT: oh guys aslkdalsdkjasda aaaaaaaaa thanks for all the v.

Artodyssey: Tom Sierak

"Mother Pastel Painting" - Tom Sierak {contemporary realism artist female and infant seated woman with cat}

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Anna and Elsa from "Frozen" - Art by akapost.tumblr.com - Imagine, after the events of the movie, that Elsa is now married and pregnant. Anna would be such an enthusiastic, loving, all-around-sweet auntie :)

Olivia sits on the couch waiting for Jack to come home. "Hi baby girl, hi! Olivia turns and turns back to see Anna. "Hi baby! I'm your aunt Anna. Do you wanna build snowman?" Anna says to the belly.