Prince lucky)Okay ladies there are no eliminations so let's continue with task Task 2 is date night so please pin your outfits and I will provide the pin where prince Lucky will be taking you ladies

Nastya Zhydkova. Creepy model by ~Maliemokono on deviantART

The gorgeous Russian albino model, Nastya (Kiki) Zhidkova - *Kumarov is her photograph! Kumarova is NOT her last name!

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This Fall, buy your boyfriend a pair of aesthetic glasses and make them look different. No matter the glasses are prescription or non-prescription, they all

You Always Want a Favor.

It’s another popular month for Ton with a second editorial, this time for Essential Homme.

LUcky Blue Smith

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Daje Barbour teams up with NYC based photographer Danny Lang for a striking new portrait session. Daje is represented by DNA Models in New York, while in Paris he's under the care of Rock Men model agency.

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⚘ He didn't have brown hair. He had bright hair in the sun, black hair in the winter, chocolate-coloured locks in the summer, but he never had brown hair.