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Bess & Royal - such pretty colts

Pony gives birth to twins - A New Forest Pony has shocked equine experts with the surprise birth of healthy twin foals. The chances of a mare giving birth to healthy twin foals are about 1 in

Ok who’s the mom and dad lol

Ok who’s the mom and dad lol

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I love horses and have never been horse back riding. I did a book report on horses when I was in elementary school and have loved horses ever since.


What an adorable picture! How about a round of “likes” for mom and her precious baby. Blending life, love and friendship bracelets for the horse lover.



cavallo frisone è una razza equina originaria della Frisia, una regione dell'Olanda del nord. Proprio qui, infatti, sono stati ritrovati numerosi  Scopri altre notizie su : Lusitano - Cavalli http://www.cibocanigatti.it/animali-da-cortile/cavalli/lusitano.asp#ixzz4H9DmnfM6

The Friesian: One of the most expensive horse breeds. This horse carried knights in armor during the Middle Ages.

Foal jumps for joy | 10 of the Happiest Looking Horses Ever

10 of the Happiest Looking Horses Ever


Akhal-Teke is a horse breed from Turkmenistan.They are known for their speed & famous for the natural metallic coat shimmer

Red Shire Horse  The Shire horse is an English draft horse that comes in many colors, including the red color shown here. They can stand as tall as 68 inches and are capable of bearing heavy loads. In the past, they were a popular choice for pulling wagons full of beer to be delivered to customers across England.

It's fun at a gallop with Cowboy Mounted Shooting


Cool long pin of horse peeking out of his stable into the snow ❄️ Pretty white horse one ☝️ of my favorites!