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waiting at the ring

Hunter Derby

Raised brown fancy stitched bridle on Liver Chestnut Thoroughbred!

The Will To Survive – The Inspirational Story of Suki (Get out your Kleenex!). Not a book, but still good reading.

The Will To Survive – The Inspirational Story of Suki (Get out your Kleenex! Not a book, but still good reading.Suki is one of my FB friends.

www.ariane-books.com Dernier livre de Monika... - Les Éditions Ariane

so nurturing. look how excited they are about the baby. all of the females welcome the baby into the herd. so human. I once saw a nature program on TV where they filmed wild horses welcoming the new baby into the herd, just like in this photo.

Maison Mimosa

Curious yearling Belgian draft horses looking through door from the outside into a darkened barn,Pennsylvania,U.S.A. © 2009 Andrew N Dierks

A handsome gelding... but doesn't a blaze always look handsome.


Handsome (At this point, I should probably just make a "horses" board. But I wont.

Even horses want toys!

Augustin, a Race Horse, and his stuffed crocodile. Big animals have their stuffed friends too. ______ Horses Love to play! This is the first one I've seen with a stuffed animal - neat!

Horsing around.

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To a big dog a horse is just a bigger dog. My dog doesn't understand why my mom's horses don't want to play with him. Seriously, Kolby doesn't get it. oh please, bring your puppy over for a playdate! We've got horses that play with our dogs all the time