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Você tem os telefones de emergência na agenda? É sempre bom anotar. Confira a lista completa: http://bit.ly/1JXKsEs

Nokia desafia novamente Apple e Samsung

Marketing-digital: Saiba como sair da crise | Sou Meu Gerente

how to get congress-people to listen, by a former congressional staffer.

Pregopontocom @ Tudo: Anatel amplia direitos de usuários de telefonia, i... Entre os benefícios previstos estão facilidades para o cancelamento dos serviços, a pedido do cliente

Ya no se podra contratar la luz, el movil o el gas por via telefonica

Microsoft en iphones

How We're Closer to Public Figures Than Even Before #Infographic #Politics #SocialMedia

How We're Closer to Public Figures Than Even Before #Infographic #Politics #SocialMedia

Fear of Screens - Why would anyone want to believe that people who are communicating with phones have forgotten what friendship is? DIGITAL connection is deeply interwoven through social life; it is made of us & is thus as infinitely complex as we are. Anything social is inherently shaded with both good & bad. It may be good or bad for some & not others, at some times & not others, in some places & not others. Reclaiming Conversation, like too much other writing about new technologies....

NEWSCAST: http://www.wwmt.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/Special-Report---Upgrade-Outrage-133140.shtml#.CONSUMERS SMART METERS, May 19, 2015 - WARNING: Contains gratuitous ignorance, offensiveness and scientific illiteracy. This Consumers rep says the meters don't use RF, turns around and then states these meters communicate with cell towers? All wireless devices communicate by RF. These meters will make some people sick immediately. And that's great, as more people are injured by…

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