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Anthony Pappalardo, 5050 on a moving bus in the rain. Photo by John Bradford.

cheyennecult: joshuapollina: Anthony Pappalardo, 5050 on a moving bus in the rain. Photo by John Bradford. this is probably one of the best skateboarding photos in existence

alex_olson_footplant.jpg (1000×411)

alex_olson_footplant.jpg (1000×411)

@swankfuck_inc impossible over a bench and more from @mehringsbearings post today at skateboardermag.com

Dylan Rieder Impossible over a Seaport bench. Check out the rest on Mehrings new photo

Chris Miller, Pipeline

Skate Photo - Chris Miller Grind Up Full Pipe Eighties Skateboarding Photograph 18 x 24 Inch Image on


There has never been a better skate photo Scott Johnston - ollie

Pontus Alv - manhattan days

Behind the Scenes of 'Manhattan Days' with Pontus Alv & Aaron Herrington

Paul Smith Jeans Spring/Summer '15 Inspiration - Bill Eppridge LIFE photography

Hit the Deck: LIFE Goes Skateboarding

Bill Eppridge—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not originally published in LIFE. Skateboarding in New York City, 1965

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I want to skate San Fran. There's just something about it. I'm not sure what. I'm fucking terrified of bombing hills, and even moreso of crashing into shit when I skate. I like big, open area's with ledges, so I have no idea why San Fran appeals to me so much? Maybe just so I can say 'Yep. Been there. Done it.'  Actually... no. That's almost definitely it. Whatever. Fuck you. Don't judge me.  Here's a vid of guys nailing shit that wigs me out.  http://kidsonstoke.com/?p=1130

Next time you rant about a lack of spots, take a look at the sidewalk, prop up a grate, and blast over everything in your path.