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So Where's My Fucking Pony Magnet

25 more ways to say no edited fixed

Day 11: 25 (More) Bad Ass Ways to Say No


Mark Twain I found this pinned on a board titled "Free Thinking". It's actually a serious subject, but I couldn't help but laugh; although I'm sure some people are outraged by it. I wonder what Mark Twain would think of us today.

...when it comes to assholes who refuse to rationally discuss their beliefs

Atheism, Religion, Christianity, Islam is Imaginary, Westboro Baptist Church. We need to stop letting the minority of a group determine our outlook on the majority.

I actually watched a football game voluntarily once

Funny pictures about Whenever I'm watching sports. Oh, and cool pics about Whenever I'm watching sports. Also, Whenever I'm watching sports.

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someecards and thrifting

This was pretty much my life back in the States. Missing thrift stores so much! Attached : Thrifting and Money Saving Tricks

Some men really have to live by this... I'm glad I was blessed with a man that does!

Deadbeat dad - Dad - fatherhood quotes - father quotes - single mom - life of a single mother

#Atheism - Lies the bible tells us.

Irony: Placing your hands on a book full of lies and swearing to tell the truth.

Relationship goals.

why cant i find a guy who will do this for me. even when im off my period and am just having a bad day Page 62 - Relationships - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

This guy knows what he's grandpa did something similar and the cops came running! It does work

This guy knows what he’s doing…

Funny pictures about Calling the cops like a boss. Oh, and cool pics about Calling the cops like a boss. Also, Calling the cops like a boss photos.

North Korea vs. South Korea…

Funny pictures about North Korea vs. Oh, and cool pics about North Korea vs. Also, North Korea vs.