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Dançar é alimentar a alma!!

mensagem do dia 30-8-2015 - Pode fazê-lo! ~ arcanjo Miguel

THINGS TO NEVER SAY TO Someone with Sensory Processing Disorder

Stewardship expresses an understanding that there is spirit in everything and that everything is connected. It implies awareness that each of our actions, whether it is growing a vegetable, use of natural resources and even our thoughts affect the whole. It requires living with a sense of connectedness and relationship with all beings and respect for the Earth. $3.50 http://crystal-life.com/books-dvds/sacred-geometry-cards/earth-prayers-c-francene-hart

The old woman

This is Beauty!

vibrant food by kimberley hasselbrink

‘Manet Paints Monet’ by Colin B. Bailey - Édouard Manet: Woman with a Parrot, 1866.

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"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible!" ~Audrey Hepburn. Greetings Spiritual Family, welcome to April! How are you? I Love this quote, don't you? Impossible is ego. I'm possible is Divine. Everything that is ego is an illusion, which has only been created by us. Everything that is Divine is real, which has been created by God. My Dear Brothers & Sisters, what you truly believe, you will manifest. We were Blessed with free will. Namaste with Wisdom. cindyshealing.com

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