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Paper Towns

Paper Towns


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"You are not designed for everyone to like you" .Getting over people pleasing. Dropping the need to be needed.


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Take risks

"Life isn't about avoiding risks, its about making calculations & Going all in with the things you love" .that's what made our life more colourful isn't ?

Quote: "Everyone smiles in the same language"  #quote

Everyone Smiles in the same language (George Carlin quote Art by sunnychampagne)

So true...

Just finished Paper Towns. Another brilliant piece of work written by John Green. One of my favorite books

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once the vessel cracks, the light can get in, the light can get out - John Green Paper towns

Don't feel disillusioned by where you are now, your progress is good enough, it's meaningful, it's on time, though everything may go unacknowledged, every silent step is movement in the right direction. When it feels as though everyone is going forward and you're being pulled back by your own demons or your past, remember that every moment in this journey will play its part in the greater narrative - what a beautiful story to share one day written just by living your life.

Stop letting the past ruin both present and future of not just myself, but multiple families and people innocently being punished

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