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Usá los em colares - Uso dos Cristais nas Patologias Femininas Com Auriel dos Anjos - Terapeuta e Colunista do Portal do Bem

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Pyrite, Golden Metallic Crystal Cluster Blossom, Natural Geo Specimen, for a rock, gemstone and mineral collection, Fools Gold, Iron Pyrite

Pyrite (Fool’s Gold): carrying with it a masculine energy, this stone is a powerful booster of confidence, vitality, and action; promoting a “can-do” disposition, this stone is excellent for overcoming one’s fears and aiding in the manifestation of great hopes and desires. #perspicacityparty #magicgeodes #magicstones #stones #crystals #gems #pyrite

Agate. Among the oldest good luck and healing stones. Used to treat headaches, dizziness, and impaired balance as well as skin problems. It is important that the stone should be in contact with the skin near the organ that needs healing.It is said to avert storms and lightening and protect children from danger. Recommended for Taurus and Capricorns to sensitize and strengthen willpower. Also appropriate for Scorpios.

Rutilated quartz is said to assist with tissue regeneration, assimilation of nutrition, and slow the advancement of aging. It is also said to boost the immune system and treat respiratory illness. It is also a mystical crystal "diagnostic tool" which can help discover the true cause of an ailment. It is also purported to enhance mental and physical stability, self-reliance, and meditation on feminine ideas. It is reputed to diminish fears, depression and issues with decision-making.

Fluorite crystals, Namibia

Wavellite is a mineral that assists in making the deeper decisions that your quality of life may hinge on.There are many stones that help in the decision making process. Wavelite is the only one that works at your root level. It helps you journey within yourself to discover your uniqueness.It is interesting to note that the green color of Wavellite is produced by the mineral vanadium, which also is an aid in sharpening the mental process.

Amazonite: is a powerful filtering stone; also soothes and calms the brain; balancing masculine and feminine energy, this stone helps you see both sides of an issue | #perspicacityparty #magicgeodes #magicstones #stones #gems #amazonite

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Zebra Jasper Cabochon - Hand Cut Freeform Designer Cabochon Black & White Zebra Jasper Gemstone

Zebra Jasper Cabochon Hand Cut Freeform Designer by bluerivergems

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