I thought of Aristocats when I saw this!! I thought of the song the kittens sing with their mother at the beginning of the movie.

Frying Pangle, neko-style :D Austria: *playing some amazing song with the four paws he has like crazy* Hungary: *listening intently, happily* Prussia: Oh look, a tail; I think I'll pull it! Bad idea, Gilbert ^^" even Hungary-cat has a frying pan!

Japan, thank you for saying what needed to be said.

LOL i don't ship gerita, but this is so funny!<<< who the fuck do you ship with Germany or Italy if you don't ship gerita?

XD omg I didn't know Italy could be so scary

Italy becomes more and more gangsta and downright BAD every fanfic

Can I hug them now? Please? I just want to give them all a hug because they all make me so happy ;__;

Hetalia - Chibitalia and Holy Rome / Romano and Spain (awwww look at HRE's major nosebleed.) Romano is so cute trying to get bit again so Spain will kiss his finger!

Hetalia - GerIta❤

That reminds me, i wanted to read auf wiedersehen sweetheart again

Hetalia - America / Russia that too funny this made me smile :) awwww so cute