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vikki is the base and the suit is known as liquid sky. Vikki in Hamburg, German, 2135

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An image has appeared online that may or may not be a concept for the new Robocop suit to appear in the rebooted film.

one of the more novel cyberninja concepts I've seen in a while

Shamash Ninja, advanced – Galaxy Saga character concept by Vlad Marica

NOVA, Piotr Nasirau on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/nova-5077e18d-be40-4247-97fc-deb088534e46

NOVA 2 designed by Piotr Nasirau - posted under Digital Art tagged with: Character, Games, Sci-Fi by Fribly Editorial

Properly accesoirized.

kaiten: Combat Suit by Patryk - Patryk Olejniczak - CGHUB

Andrey Veremeev

randomghost: “ Render of human soldier in exo gear for Keloid - concept by Aaron Beck ”

Combat Armor, Android Art, Body Armor, Costume, Powered Exoskeleton, Space Suits, Paladin, Cyberpunk, Art Reference


sci fi science fiction armor Robot Suit Digital Illustration mech art Teruyuki and Yuka

Si3's "Haven Trooper" cosplay from "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots"

Haven Trooper from Metal Gear Solid Also makes for cool inspiration for a Cyberpunk heavy response team armour.

Art concept sci fi

Robot Pilot Girl Concept by *Zeronis # cyberpunk, robot girl, cyborg, futuristic, android