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music tattoo

32 music note tattoos to inspire. Make sweet music with these music note tattoo body art designs. A musical note tattoo will perfect your style.

Music notes tattoo ideas

A music tattoo idea. Maybe I'll even design a whole sleeve dedicated to music, since it plays a big part in my life, along with many other things.-----Maybe pick a song and the notes


It's interesting to me how easy it is to define a season with music. The ringing of bells for winter makes the snowflakes dance slowly towards the ground. Any song about a bird reminds me that it's spring .

MÚSICA ♪♫♥.....La música es el corazón de la vida. Por ella habla el amor; sin ella no hay bien posible y con ella todo es hermoso. Franz Liszt

I like this but would make it 5 note heads at the top to look like a foot print!

Music love

music is my life the soul of my heart.It keeps me awake at night and thinking what it would life be like without music.