Ceramic coil vase, Seaman High School

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AllegraRoseCoilVase.jpg (540×720)

Is it us, or does this vase look like it has a mind of its own? :) Roadside Art - coil vase - the base thrown on the potter's wheel and each coil added individually forming the top

a faithful attempt: clay Coil Vessels

Grade 10 students made coil vessels for their clay unit. I demonstrated various methods of building the vessels: using coils, spirals, ball.

I made a container in highschool using this same technique and have been wanting to do something similar again ever since. Then, it was a great idea but it looked terrible, lol, but now I know I could make something really cool :)

Bird Coil Pot by OneForTheMasses A new interpretive direction for coils. I really Like the wing concept.

Coil Pot with added texture.. I love the braid! may have to steal this idea.


Do you get to make clay creations in Art? Coil Pot with added texture. I love the braid! may have to steal this idea.