Various & Gould: Santa Redundus  The Berlin based street art duo Various and Gould is working together since the year 2005.   Various and Goulds works are usually made of paper in terms of paste ups as screen prints or installations in the streets of Berlin.   Also Ckeck out:

Sanat Redundus of the Sant Nimmerlein series by Berlin based Street Art team Various and Gould

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Tour 13 art project A building slated to be demolished has been decorated inside and out by more than 100 street artists in Paris, France. After gaining the relevant permissions, art gallery.

by John Park in Los Angeles, CA (SA)

Be humble you are made of Earth Be noble you are made of Stars Serbian proverb.

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Mr. Trash for "OCB - Street Art Attack" in Cologne by Street Art Berlin (BLN)

"Street Art Attack" goes Cologne – Street Artist Mr. Trash is creating work number 4 for the contest – Street Art Berlin

21 MindBlowing Surreal Paintings and Creative Illustrations by Tim OBrien. Follow us

21 MindBlowing Surreal Paintings and Creative Illustrations by Tim OBrien

narnia painting voyage of the dawn treader could paint similar ideas, with things spilling out of portrait/frame