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August 16 - by inkydandy - Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Jason Todd/Red Hood

Robin's One Shots

August 16 - by inkydandy - Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Jason Todd/Red Hood

For all confused individuals: this isn't Voltron, it's Bat Family.  Jason Todd and Tim Drake, 2nd and 3rd Robins.  The joke is DC keeps changing continuity for Jason's hair color.  Red, then black, then black w/ white patch, then black, then red, then back to black.

Lol and the casual breaking of the fourth wall xD

My brother is Jason and I'm Tim in this

Older bro Jason kickin in

under the cape

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Part 1

inkydandy Jason and Roy - Well, I guess here is the story

tumblr_ogk2graXRG1tnrb35o1_r1_1280.png (618×1920)

The bat brothers eating Pocky.

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Tim's hair.  Art by Inkydandy on Tumblr.

Pre-reboot to rebirth to Arkham

Jason and Tim by inkydandy Yup,Jason is very canine like.He's too wild to be tame like a dog,so he's more like a wolf.It even matches the Red Hood biker theme,Red Riding Hood.

Tim reminds me of my teacher she is literally spraying air freshener everywhere because teenagers stink after doing recess

Batman, Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, Robin. Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne. The orphan. The acrobat. The punk. The hacker. The warrior.:

Why do they always call Grayson "the acrobat? He's hands down the second most badass non-powered hero, after Batman.

Young Justice *is* iconic.

Young Justice *is* iconic.

Batman and the Robins by ~hackbenjaminontumblr on deviantART

Pretty much summarized how did he managed to get 5 robins xD

tinyredbird:  killertune:  Batman & Robin print I’ll be selling at Wondercon!  OH MY GOD I WISH I COULD HAVE THIS

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Dick Grayson (Batman) and Damian Wayne (Robin). I love the interactions between these two.

Dick Grayson (Batman) and Damian Wayne (Robin) messing around.