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Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len cured an entire ward of mentally ill patients at Hawaii State Hospital by using an updated Ho'oponopono approach, a process of repentance, forgiveness and transmutation developed by his teacher, Kahuna Lapa'au Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona.Poster by Al McAllister

Ho'oponopono Cleaning Sunflower Art Poster by Al McAllister

Sadly, too many people these days don't wanna work for the things they want or need.

No one owes you a damn thing! Get off your ass and earn it. This is true of so many people at this time.

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Infographic: Language and Your Brain. The left hemisphere of the brain houses the centers that deal with language comprehension and speech production. There are many benefits related to learning a second language.

pandacorn | Created with Alphabet Art for iOS #alphabetArt #pandacorn

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Indicação de livros relacionados ao Sagrado Feminino, Mitologia, Psicologia…

Indicação de livros relacionados ao Sagrado Feminino, Mitologia, Psicologia…

Reflexologia Podal

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Thyroid chart

Thyroid issues can get complicated, so this might help nurses to explain common thyroid functions better to patients. by hallie