Explore Of The Ear, Character Creation, and more!

Using a real ear as reference, Don Lanning uses a tool to locate the key structures of the ear, carving out the forms, shaping as he goes.

Learn monster sculpture techniques and how to block out textures and forms. How to sculpt with special effects character creation master Don Lanning.

Designing a Creature in Clay - Maquette Sculpture Techniques | Stan Winston School of Character Arts

Don Lanning shares an INVALUABLE technique that will stick with you forever. This guy is generous beyond measure. Great to show kids about ways you can use ceramics skills outside of being a potter

Terrific step by step visuals / Orig Post: How to model a clay doll head - pictorial sculpting tutorial.

COMO FAZER AS fotos do COLLAR DOLLARS - 80 álbuns

COMO FAZER AS fotos do COLLAR DOLLARS - 80 álbuns

How to Draw Cartoon Characters : How to Draw the Head on a Cartoon Character, via YouTube.

Learn how to give your cartoon drawing a head with expert artist advice in this free online drawing and cartooning lesson video clip.

How to Sculpt Bird Wings

How to Sculpt Bird Wings

Back to the dolls house miniature tutorials. I was rooting around in my cupboard the other day and found a little box with a miniature worm that I had made many years ago.

Figurine WIP/ tutorial part 3 wings by sculptor101.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Making figurine wings tutorial Here comes the WIP tutorial of wings for figurine, you may need to find good reference of bird wings, close up shoots of . Figurine WIP/ tutorial part 3 wings