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Perfect Week in Panama: Sailing the San Blas Islands


Coiba National Marine Reserve is an easy day trip from Santa Catalina for snorkeling or scuba.

Frankfort Lighthouse, Michigan, United States

Frankfort Lighthouse, Michigan, United States- one of my favorite lighthouse memories, sailing with my parents on Lake Michigan

View of Panama City from Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo: Heart and Soul of Panama City

Dançarinas, em dança folclórica com hinos de louvor - Panamá

-m---The beautiful Pollera dress and jewelry, worn for the folkloric dances.

Panama Canal  France began work on the canal in 1881, but had to stop because of engineering problems and high mortality due to disease. The United States took over the project in 1904, and took a decade to complete the canal, which was officially opened on August 15, 1914.

One cannot go to Panama City without taking the opportunity to watch the ships traversing the canal through the Panama Canal Locks. I found great fun in watching the ships enter each gate and raise to enter the successive lock.

Una atracción popular es Volcan Baru. Es un volcán activo. Volcan Baru es pico máximo.

Hiking The Volcan Baru in Panama

Hiking Trail to the Summit of the Highest Peak in Panama, Volcan Baru It's always best to hike with a guide in Panama!

The Lindau Lighthouse is the southernmost lighthouse in Germany, located in Lindau on Lake Constance. It is 33 metres tall and has a perimeter of 24 metres at its base. Notably it has also a clock in its facade. Wikipedia Lindau Lighthouse by Çağlan Çelebi, via 500px

The Most Awe-Inspiring Lighthouses in the World

Embera Indian women in their village at Ellapuru, Chagres River, Soberania National Park (near the Panama Canal), Panama | Blaine Harrington

Embera Indian women in their village at Ellapuru, Chagres River, Soberania National Park (near the Panama Canal), Panama picture by Blaine Harrington

How to Spend a Weekend in Prague | The Everygirl

How to Spend a Weekend in Prague

Charles Bridge in the city of Prague has become a national symbol for Czech Republic. Known also as Karluv most, was built over the Viltava River, in although there was an earlier bridge which collapsed during a flood.


10 Most Exotic: Panajachel, Guatemala Why Active volcanoes and the Mayan ruins at Tikal make for an exotic trip -- that's budget-friendly. Honeymoon To-do Visit Lake Atitlán;