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The lion king, 1994

life’s greatest adventure is finding your place in the circle of life. The Lion King


Which Disney Dad Is Your Father Most Like?

Lion King has made me see my life so differently.

The Real Wise Words. LOVE the lion king gonna have to re watch this soon.

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The Lion King Quotes from Timon This brings back memories. The lion king my favorite disney movie!

Lion King. This, not the dead-of-mufasa-part, is the part that actually maes me cry like a baby.

Day 29 Favorite Overall Moment: Lion King - This is my favorite part of the whole movie it always gives me chills with the music and the rain *sigh*

Frozen And The Lion King: Same Formula Different Movie…

OK the first Frozen pic isn't from Vuelie, Elsa runs away because she revealed her powers,not because their parents died. And Hans makes her feel guilty AFTER she's brought back to deal with everything

Watercolour art of Mufassa from The Lion King. For more Disney art check out @abbeywilliams66

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