“There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.

I feel a sudden need to draw this

Healing Series: Healing Rose prose by Carol Cavalaris, rainbow rose butterfly prophetic art.

The need to touch the right person it's magnetic, holding them gives you warmth and vitality.

I know we all sense things and can't explain how we just "knew" but these messages should be heeded. Any thought of ever hurting another is pure wickedness and absolutely is not a message of spirit.

Majestic Underwater Portraits by Phoebe Rudomino – Fubiz Media

Majestic Underwater Portraits by Phoebe Rudomino

drawning princess - woman underwater in a turquoise ball gown - Photo by Jvdas Berra, model by Valentina Lobeira

pondering the universe

As we continue to evolve, we become more unified, we deepen our sensitivity to the innate wisdom and beauty of all of creation, and further open the channel to access information held in Universal Consciousness.

Güçlü kadın sevilmez… Güçlü kadın çekilmez… Onun tek suçu, güçlü olmaktır… Her attığı adımda sağlam yere basar. Faturalarını ve ev kirasını kendi öder, arabasını kendi kazandığı parasıyla alır. Zor…


I am an advocate for meditation. Rather than engage in hours upon hours of conversation with you regarding meditation, I encourage you to experience it for yourself. Find your own truth, your own reality, your own awareness, your own bliss...your own peace.

Are you experiencing Spiritual Awakening Signs? Discover the most common spiritual awakening symptoms and why they are a good thing!

The power of Love: 'the Heart of Oneness'; http://www.wanttoknow.nl/hoofdartikelen/de-gevolgen-van-911-vanuit-bewustzijns-perspectief/

Healing Raising The Vibration Of The Heart Chakra - This is a very nice meditation video, you keep your eyes open, put your headphones on if you can and just relax and listen the music and look at the beautiful images.

This is cool

Sometimes I overthink, but that's okay because my thoughts combine to form a piece of art. "Love it" thanks for over thinking it :)


Eres y seras el centro de mi vida por la eternidad Amore Mio✿ღⓓ ღڰۣღڰۣღڰۣღڰۣ

spiritual vibrations in left ear female vs. ringing right ear male - Google Search

Free Spirit - Pooyan Although you appear in earthly form, your essence is pure consciousness. You are the fearless guardian of Divine Light.

Every thought pretends that it matters so much. It wants to draw your... | Eckhart Tolle Picture Quotes | Quoteswave

Every thought pretends that it matters so much it wants to draw your attention in completely here is a new spiritual practice for you don't take your thoughts too seriously

Life will give you whatever experience is the most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. - Eckhart Tolle

Art from the Heart! by deificusArt