Is it just me ir does Shailene Woodley look like she could be Willow Shields (Primrose Everdeen)s sister!

We have to fight back

when I was a kid a group of men went go Canada and im just like "dad it looks like we have to fight "true story I did this when I was four

"I'm not going to let that happen." TOBIAS YOU ARE A LIAR

~Allegiant~ I FREAKING HATE DAVID! And I bet Tobias agrees with me! the ashes scene. Ugggh all of it made me cry even harder!

Repin if you get it :)<<<< repinning beside I feet it even though we have already fell in love with the movie

Is it 6 days or 7 days? She only has 6 fears now, but when she went into her fear landscape she had

Divergent I read the last book: Allegiant and the ruined the whole series.

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Tris and Caleb Prior. This guy has awesome art skills. I pictured Caleb looking much more like this and much less like Gus Waters.