Behind Every Great Man is a powerful work of art by Kevin "WAK" Williams of a black father holding up a stone slab to protect his family behind him, while the mother kneels down and prays intently.

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thatartista: “The and final illustration of the Urban Rose Art Collection! It was such a pleasure to create these beauties for Camille Rose Naturals! I hope you have enjoyed each one as much as I.

Art by @richartiste)  #richartiste #illustration #carribean #black #curlyhair #black #blackwoman #art #digitalart

FEATURE: The Incredible Illustrations of Paris-Based Martinican Storyboard Artist Richard Méril (aka Rich'Art)

AJ Walker - Google+AJ Walker    Anyone know who the artist is on this one? Beautiful pencil drawing. Tasha C originally shared to African American Art (Art):

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