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Sebastian Stan at Jaguar’s Villain Academy at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, TX (10.05.14)

Sebastian Stan at Jaguar’s Villain Academy at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, TX

Chris and Sebby

Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan aww

Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan sending some love to his fans ❤

Sebastian Stan and his fans

Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan

"I hate getting fitted for things." "Haha, see, & you think it's easier for us. Please." "Okay, Okay," Bee said to Reid & James. She held up her hands in surrender. "So it is annoying for you guys. We only have to try on one piece of clothing a few times. But you guys have like what, six maybe seven pieces, I apologise. But James, you look like you're gonna explode, so how about we give it a break?" He looked great, gorgeous, but it was hot & they were tired.

Sebastian looking handsome as always

HAHAHAHA that is aweful, lolololol

I need this as a break from the heartbreak that will be Civil War - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!


*eyes fill with tears of joy and how-on-earth-is-this-man-the-winter-soldier-feels*

I DID NOT SEE THIS RANT BOOK COMING.   DID YOU?   (Copyright 2016 mxrvelous-)

Sebastian Stan (gif) — My mind is blown by how he tosses the knife up and catches it with his right hand before he goes into the stabby motions. How many times did you mess that up?

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Sebastian Stan Imaginas/one shots

Imagine surprising your husband, Sebastian Stan, in the middle of a photo shoot. You were off doing a movie (Civil War?) and wasn't supposed to be home in three months.

I'm so in love it hurts my face. Because he makes me smile so much. :)

I'm so in love it hurts my face. Because​​ Sebastian ⭐️ Stan makes me smile so much.

Sebastian Stan on the set of ‘The Last Full Measure’ in Atlanta

sebastian stan... Wow... Considering how normal he looks, I can really be even more impressed with the makeup artists on The Winter Soldier... How they could make him look that pale and sick still really impresses me... Especially for someone who enjoys makeup jobs and theatre

Sebatian Stan-- seriously this shirt is killing me.

sebastian stan photoshoot - Google Search

Sebastian Stan as Hugo Weasley

Sebastian Stan---- I haven't forgiven my mother yet... she still think he's ugly...

Sebastian Stan---- I haven't forgiven my sister yet.<<<<<<she crazier than the Mad Hatter (hahaha! I crack myself up!

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Sebastian Stan-Bucky Barnes from Captain America