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Beautiful Soul

Do you want to be like that? A flawless mindless, heartless being? Do you want to experience death before death? -Charles Bukowski

Nobody But You a poem by Charles Bukowski.my favorite poem of all the poems.

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And my mom always wonders why i tend to dress and act in ways that blend me into the background. This, and that i just want to get home.

The key is keeping yourself to yourself. Keep mystery. Don't give them too much information so they can't define you.

I´m fighting, but it´s hard to fight when you don´t know what you´re fighting for

I grew up feeling this way. Still feel this way many days, but my depression cannot keep me down. I fight every. I wish for things to be easy, to be strong, and sometimes it's impossible. Sometimes I just can't.

I actually have someone who does this and it makes my day every time

I wish someone would randomly tell me little facts about myself. Not ones that I have already told them but ones they have picked up by themselves because they care enough to notice the little things I do.But nice things. not annoying habits, lol.

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Nefelibata: 'cloud-walker', one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams, or one who does not obey the conventions of society, literature or art @ other-wordly.

Chest is so heavy and it is hard to breathe. My throat is closing from fighting the constant force and urge to burst into tears.

sometimes i get so sad that it's hard to breathe. so tell me how do you expect me to talk about my demons when they're sitting on my lungs.

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Well I guess I need to go to the ocean to find out, then. standing before the ocean always makes me even more in awe of God.


"It's in these moments of tender and ridiculous nostalgia that I know something inside me is still broken.

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I& shy at first and once I open up, you will have witnessed a gift :)

Her walk is like a shot of whiskey

her walk is like a shot of whisky neat and strong and full of purpose. and so many underestimate her punch