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The Newest Earring Trend is Also the Funnest

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Double sided earrings Brand new cute double sided earrings in light blue/teal shown in last two pictures. Jewelry Earrings

Double sided pearl earrings

It just so happens that by matters of circumstance and good designthe earring is having a moment. With pearls, on cuffs, as a single earring only or unrelentingly luxethis particular jewelry piece has been widely embraced by the red carpet set



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The highlighter is beaming like sun🏜


Rihanna at a basketball game in New York.

Rihanna - https://www.pinterest.com/pin/368943394460229912/ | Teino remarks: yea about that, so much female variables wish they could be you in these circumstances, i've blocked them coming from near and far with a simper without told them what is of wish I were sensitized my my computer of those hacks. Girl your identity is secured, yea even has far as from Johannesburg, Africa"

k-i-l-l-a-p-a-m: “I would feel so blessed to arrive in Hell and see this face staring at me behind a desk that has a name plate engraved with the name Satan ”


rihanna maybe something else but she sure slaysssssssssss in this photo! notoriouslynay: “ theres levels to this shit ”

☁️, sourskeletons:   serving face at your crush for...

Rihanna Wins Latest Legal Battle With Fashion Chain Topshop - Pop News


Rihanna rocking her lippie

Rihanna rekindles relationship with her first boyfriend, Barbadian 'Love God'…

Rihanna rekindles relationship with her first boyfriend, Barbadian 'Love God' Negus Sealy

long red hair: my inspiration!

Rihanna, long hair, street

Loving this sheer kimono, perfect for summer or a music festival

love the bangs and layers- Wonder if I could pull this one off

So RiRi, Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Rihanna Blonde brown and black people girl in blonde hair up

Rihanna | short hair, long hair, it don't matta, she still don't care! ;)

Rihanna in Brood Fall dress

Rihanna Long Black Curly hair

Rihanna Long Black Curly hair

Rihanna - She´s so pretty, she rocks those red lips. Loveeee her music, she has an amazing voice!!!

Hairstyles for Long Hair

Rihanna is my favorite singer. She is so beautiful and at my dance class we dance on lots of music but we all love to dance on Rihanna's songs.