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Thranduil:Legolas, where are you? Ada is not angry with you...

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Thranduil is comforting Legolas after the younger Elf find out that Elk was killed (yes, I think Legolas used to like and Elk too)

LOTR / The Hobbit. The top is Galadriel and her husband Celeborn who live in Lothlorien. Their daughter married Elrond. Arwen is Elrond's daughter. Rivendell is their home. The bottom tier are the Mirkwood elves. Left is the Elvenking Thranduil and his son Legolas.

Galadriel and her husband *Celeborn; Elrond and his daughter Arwen, & Thranduil and his son, Legolas. The elves of LOTR. *pronounced 'Keleborn,' in Tolkien's canon first initial C is never pronounced with the 'S' sound

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ABOUT THIS OAKENTOON I hope everyone's familiar with the famous "Legolas, what do your elf-eyes see?" meme and the equally famous video "They're taking . Oakentoon They're taking the hobbit