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コマドリ, Eeveelutions

bluekomadori: “ Eeveelutions So I promised looooooong time ago that I’ll make eeveelutions’ watercolors and finally I finished them :’D haha I recorded how I’ve drawn flareon [link] , espeon [link].

Minun and Plusle  ~RiesgerRonFan on deviantART

© by Satoshi Tajiri / Pokemon Colo by Me Small Mice Minun and Plusle

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Espeon Tattoo Commission - for use by client only! commission info: --- drawn with: Paint Tool Sai Photoshop STORE

Blanche the vaporeon

I present to you another Vaporeon (Chibi mode!) Espeon and Umbreon next. Vaporeon c Pokemon Pokemon c Nintendo.


Eevee enjoying an ice cream on an pillow.

another quick thing this came along with the absol for the same homework of last semester