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Vou postar algumas fotos dos meus creepys favoritos Espero que gostem❤ #diversos # Diversos # amreading # books # wattpad

Fotos de Creepys

some random fanart ^^ i hope you like it! Nurse Ann belongs to The Nurse Ann

Be careful by yaguyi on deviantART

Bloody painter(Helen) (c) Judge angels(Dina) (c) Love this couple! Then draw this picture at the same time, my flu seems to be better Although not very good, but I feel my head will not be so.

Slenderman and Jeff the Killer - comic

Slenderman and Jeff the Killer - comic-->you gotta admit Jeff did a really good job putting braids in your tentacles Slendy

Be careful by yaguyi

The nurse ANN (c) TicciToby (c) Recently because of illness and no strength drawing, but today I feel my strength is slightly better, so try to get a pe. Creepypasta:With the team

I have no clue who this is but he looks awesome ☺️

Apparently this is a pasta named "Rogue". can anyone tell me the story behind this pasta? I would greatly appreciate it

I love Ben drowned. Out of all the creepypastas he is my fav then eyeless jack.


<< omfg its Carry On My Wayward Son omfg this is like my two fave fandoms combined (supernatural and creepypasta)