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Possible shadowrun NPC concept >>> Fantastic Character Design by Arnold Tsang

Concept Art by dleoblack | Cuded

Concept Art by dleoblack

m Halfling Rogue Thief Cloak Dagger vs f Sorcerer Cloak forest hills evening Der Kampf der Halblinge: Roman by *dleoblack on deviantART

Assassin's Creed Unity - Templar Elise by IvanCEs

f Ranger Royal Constable Med Armor Sword Pistol coastal urban docks city farmland desert river jungle island Assassin's Creed Unity - Templar Elise by IvanCEs

Shiba Iaimiko was a bushi, duelist and yojimbo of the Phoenix Clan. Iaimiko was assigned to...

Shiba Iaimiko

Unicorn Clan

Asian Art otako naoko female samurai fantasy art illustration created for legend of five rings by digital artist mario wibisono on gods of art

Female Ranger - Crowfall, Dave Greco on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/female-ranger-crowfall

f Ranger w Black Wolf forest heroineimages: crowfallgame: Female Rangers, rejoice! So, the concept art for this game Crowfall is stellar! I believe Dave Greco is the artist responsible for the awesome character designs.

Reality is just an opinion

f Rogue w 2 magic dagger wearehexblade: “we-are-rogue: “Carolle Van Veen by GerryArthur ” Looks like medieval portal blades ”