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21 fotos que farão você olhar duas vezes

Funny pictures about Dog noses. Oh, and cool pics about Dog noses. Also, Dog noses.

Some fun at the zoo. How many likes for this cute image ? Have you tried this site: http://pinterest.com/travelfoxcom/pins/

How did this picture get taken? If some little girl was getting her hand eaten by a freakishly tall animal my first reaction wouldn't be to snap a pic.

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Hahahahahahahahahha I can so see Belle doing this

Funny My dog is really smart. He knows when he hears the word vet. Unfortunately, he's not that smart in choosing a hiding place.

30 Pictures That Were Taken At Exactly The Right Moment.,,25. Still not as weird as treating your cat like they're your offspring.

Funny pictures about The Cat Beard. Oh, and cool pics about The Cat Beard. Also, The Cat Beard photos.

Getting real sick (ha ha ha)

Young elephant gets surprise bite from crocodile - Wildlife photographer captures images of croc latching on to elephant’s trunk; incident prompts comparisons to Rudyard Kipling’s story ‘The Elephant’s Child’

I laughed out loud.

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Dear Lord Taco Bell!!!!!

If you've had this pain, you will know the prayer...

Fun Fact: Polar Bears yell when they poop.) I cannot stop laughing at this fun fact. Wouldn't you love to meet the person who figured this out? Does a bear poop in the woods? Oh does he ever, I hear it all the time!

Caterpillar with iron man face. Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 74 Pics

Okay but why do Kim and Kanye actually look appropriate?

Okay but why do Kim and Kanye actually look appropriate?

When you meet your idol

When you meet your idol (By: Beckett)