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Lowkey Hangouts

My perfect date would be binge watching anime or some movies and stay up late together.

ive been feeling this sooo much lately and im starting to feel better thankfully<<oh I didn't know that was anxiety I just thought it was because puberty and angry uterus revenge.

Even a simple hug would be amazing but until we can see each other again talking on the phone is good enough. Missing my bf and can't wait for his hug :)

i love hugs so much yall dont understand how much i crave affection from other people it's kinda sad tbh

dear all ignorant people, read this

An older lady said something about me being on my phone yesterday while I was reading an ebook waiting for an appointment. It's so hurtful. It's hard enough for me to sit there without you reinforcing why I'm anxious in the first place

MUST remember to play this!------------> I played this once and it was the most hilarious 20 minutes of my life

I give my husband full permission to mention the topic of TenRose, because that is where I win the gold medal in ranting. Pinned by Elsa Frost <<<No, I won't do that. I don't want to get you riled up any more than you already are.

Good for me, I haven't done that at all and that's why my grades suffer

I was literally just told of for not doing my homework straight away because I had at least ten pieces of homework on the weekend

The first one is so interesting! Remember that, with a kiss, asking for consent can be as simple as leaning in and waiting. It's not hard to do!

consent is everything<< wow if we were taught this in schools. I always thought that was sweet or adorable but it really should just be normal because it's the decent thing to do.

ᴘɪɴᴛᴇʀᴇsᴛ↠ᴄʟᴇ0ᴛɪʟʟᴍᴀɴ  ɪɴsᴛᴀ↠_ᴄʟᴇ0ᴛɪʟʟᴍᴀɴ

Quick reminder that making other people your goals will drive you insane, but making yourself better will always pay off in the end, mostly because you'll be happier but hey, I wouldn't say no to a Michael Clifford

"Sexting boys is so fun because they get so into it and you're like cleaning your kitchen or something."

19 Jokes You'll Get If You've Ever Interacted With Fuckboys

"Sexting boys is so fun because they get so into it and you're like cleaning your kitchen or something.

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58 Of Today’s Freshest Pics And Memes