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the heart family

The Heart Family - I wanted them SO bad because they had real Barbie-ish kids!

barbie 80's - Google-Suche

Barbie and the Rockers! I had Barbie and my sister had Dana.this was one of my favorite Barbies of all time, hahah (aside from Peaches n Cream Barbie!

De peaches and cream...Barbie Glow

I had this barbie, even though barbies werent really my thing: Barbie - Dream Glow Barbie

My First Barbie from 1980

My Barbie- she was literally my I remember going to Kay Bee Toys at the mall and picking her out with my dad. She came with a bunch of clothes.

Day To Night Barbie I cut her hair short and I liked the new style. The hat never stayed on her head, though, it would pop off.

Day to Night Barbie Loved the fact that her business suit turned into a sparkly cool dress at night

Jewel Secrets Barbie - I remember her BEAUTIFUL necklace ;)

1986 - Jewel Secrets Barbie (her skirt turns into a purse for you) I loved that necklace

Look at that shirt.

my sister and Rachel as kids :)

Beauty Secrets Barbie - she could take care of all her own beauty needs. #beautysecretsbarbie

Beauty Secrets Barbie - she could take care of all her own beauty needs. #beautysecretsbarbie

The Barbie Head - I played with this for hours until I melted half her hair with a blow-dryer.

I loved playing with this Barbie "styling head," or whatever you want to call it

Precious Places... between my sisters and I, we had the whole town.  Lots of hours played here.  (Gazebo & mansion specifically mine)

Precious Places, le Village aux Clefs Magiques (Fisher Price) 1989 - 1990 Plus

Barbie KELLY New Baby Sister of Barbie! Set (1994) Barbie http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00112UL6E/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_qeFKtb0CQM0NWCKC

Barbie KELLY New Baby Sister of Barbie! Set this was one of my favorite Kelly sets because if the crib

Everything a girl growing up in the 80s wanted. The best list I've seen!!

35 Awesome Toys Every '80s Girl Wanted For Christmas

The Heart Family Dolls. remember this? The girls loved these.

Website with lots of pictures of Diana dolls and fashions - mostly by the Franklin Mint.

The Baby Doll Inducted Into The Toy Hall of Fame

Princess Diana Doll by Franklin Mint - one of many dolls my grandmother bought me. She is absolutely gorgeous.