Princess Diana and Prince William and Prince Harry

Prince Harry, Prince William, Princess Diana on the first day of school! Harry looks to William for a bit of confidence perhaps. It is his very first day of school after all!

Lady Diana with William and Harry

'Not a day goes by when I don't think of Mummy'

Princess Diana with Prince William & Prince Harry. Princess of Wales. Wife of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales.

Prince William and Princess Diana: The bond that will never be broken - NY Daily News

Prince William and Princess Diana: The bond that will never be broken

Prince William & Prince Harry outside Kensinton Palace on September 1997 in London, England during the week of their mother's funeral.

Family having fun

Sensational collection of Christmas cards sent by Royal family reveal poignant moments throughout life at Buckingham Palace 1985 Princess Diana, Prince William, Prince Harry and Prince Charles:

Princess Diana arriving at Lahore Hospital for a visit in 1997

'Phone hackers violated me. It's terrible... it feels as if I've been robbed': Diana's 'Mr Wonderful' demands investigation after police tell him his voicemail may have been accessed illegally

Diana, Princess of Wales arriving at Lahore Hospital in Punjab Pakistan for a visit in The Princess was dating Pakistani heart surgeon, Dr. They broke up two months before her death.

Diana, Princess of Wales with Princes William and Harry in 1986.

Diana helps her matching towheaded sons William, and Harry, nearly navigate a safe landing at the Aberdeen Airport, where the family headed for a summer vacation in "It would have been a little tricky if it had been two girls," Diana told the BBC.


1986 08 09 Diana and Harry whilst visiting King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia at Marivent Palace in Spain

.Lady Diana.

Diana : Les tops et les flops de ses looks

Diana, Princess Of Wales, Visiting The Royal Brompton Hostpital To Meet Young Cystic Fibrosis Sufferers. Princess Diana Is Wearing A Pale Blue Suit Designed By Versace. (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

May 20, 1984: Prince Charles and Princess Diana at the Royal ...

The "are you kidding me" look. On Monday May in Prince Charles and Princess Diana made a surprise evening visit to the annual Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show.

Brothers - Prince William and Prince Harry - Princess Diana would be so proud of her boys :-)

Harry and William. William: "Don't mess with me. i'm going to be king someday." Harry: "Wanna get naked and party later? I've got nothing to lose and you get to hook up with a prince at Windsor Palace.

Quiet time Prince William pauses in St Salvator's Quad at St Andrews University where he is a student in 2005.

Life of Prince William

Prince William at St Andrews University harry should let his hair grow like here again handsome dude

Princess Diana ["Repinned by Keva xo"]

Princess Diana had such an amazing sense of style - mind you, she could probably have worn a hessian bag and looked stunning! I absolutely love this one - a favourite of mine!